2-project repair and conversions
• Project management
• Steel works
• Deck repair solutions
• Riding squad vessel repair
• Scrubber retrofit
• In situ oil rig repair
• In situ FPSO repair
• Cargo oil tank inspection and repairs
• Interior works
• Motors/Engines/Generators
• Glass fibre piping
• Spares and Equipment
• Electrical and Instrumentation
• Vessel compliance
• Ballast water management systems
• Below waterline repairs
• Fair leads repair

Viking Marine Suppliers
 agencies consider a reliable one-stop supplier is crucial, especially in remote and challenging locations. We have extensive experience and capabilities to deliver quality services to such locations. From catering and food supply, procurement, logistics, spare parts handling as well as sales, we offer a wide range of quality marine products so you can concentrate on running your operations. We also supply from yard to field site.

1-Project logistics management

When it comes to project logistics, there’s no such thing as an easy challenge – or low stakes. Every goal is typically complex and far-reaching. And so are the many skillsets required to pull it off. With decades of experience, Concord offers world-class project logistics management support from beginning to end.
We can support your project in any place with all the required services (supply –agency)
We can be as your agent in Egypt because we have the power to handle all kind of operations through us or third party.